Key Industries

Recruiting economic-base companies in key high-tech industries is a top priority for the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department. We recognize that scientific progress via tech-based companies is critical to job creation, higher standards of living, economic mobility, industry diversity, and a healthful community. In collaboration with community partners, we work to recruit business and industries to Albuquerque that build on existing strengths. To that end, we have launched a robust strategy to solidify Albuquerque’s position as a hub for five sectors that closely align with those assets in which we are naturally the strongest and most competitive.

They are: film and digital media, smart city technologies, space technology, directed energy, and bioscience. For each of these sectors, Albuquerque already has the intellectual capital, R&D history, technological capacity, and workforce necessary to drive sustainable long-term growth and future investment. Below are links to printable flyers that provide an overview of each sector.



Directed Energy


Smart City Initiatives

Other priorities include:
Reshoring and Foreign Direct Investment

Albuquerque’s Most Competitive Cross-Sector Assets:

World-class R&D and Intellectual Property

  • 3 renowned national laboratories: Sandia National Laboratories (ABQ), Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico (ABQ), and Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 3 major research institutions: University of New Mexico (ABQ), New Mexico State University (Las Cruces), and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Socorro)
  • Tech transfer, tech commercialization, and patent support


  • Available inexpensive land in urban and rural areas
  • Established road/rail network: ABQ is strategically located at the intersection of two major interstates and is equidistant between the ports of Los Angeles and Houston
  • Central location in the fast-growing Southwest region