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Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence Policy Advisor

Bio for the Domestic Violence (DV) and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Policy Advisor.

Daniel Manzano Headshot

DV and GBV Policy Advisor Isez Roybal.


Isez Roybal has been politically appointed to serve as the Policy Advisor for Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence. She is dedicated to addressing and decreasing the rate of domestic and sexual violence occurring in our community, ensuring effective systems of prevention and intervention serve survivors and those at risk, and improving policies that save lives.

Isez is a native New Mexican and proud Afro-Latina with a background in advocacy and addressing challenges in racial and economic injustices, community outreach and organizing, and implementing progressive statewide/city policies. Isez has demonstrated history of working on several political campaigns and serving as a strong public servant. Her professional experience of overseeing equity-driven programs and enacting progressive polices has been led by her deeper-rooted passion to fostering positive systemic change and protecting the rights for the most vulnerable. As a first-generation college graduate, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics in only two years at the age of 19-years-old, she is a strong policy and legal professional who is expected to receive her Juris Doctorate.