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Rental Rates

Current Rental Rates


A booking deposit is required to hold the date for your event.  This deposit cannot be applied to outstanding fees, and will be returned upon successful completion of your event.

Commercial Deposit $1,000               Non-Profit Deposit $500




A commercial general liability insurance policy is required to rent the KiMo.  The City of Albuquerque will need to be named as additionally insured.   The policy must have combined limits of liability for bodily injury or property damage as follows:

$1,000,000           Per Occurrence

$1,000,000           Policy Aggregate

$1,000,000           Products Liability/Completed Operations

$1,000,000           Personal and Advertising Injury

$     50,000            Fire-Legal

$       5,000            Medical Payments



Performances are defined as a 4 hour block, or every time the audience changes.  Rate includes 2 hours prior to the event start time, and 1 hour after the event end (2 hours on final strike).  Single day events include 8 hours prior to event start time.  Additional charges will apply if booking the facility prior to 9am or after 11pm (12am on final strike).

Commercial Performance $1800       Non-Profit Performance $900



Educational Outreach:

The KiMo Theatre supports outreach events for school children, and offers a discounted performance rate for qualifying events.  The event must be primarily for bussed school children from multiple schools; weekday, daytime shows; no longer than 75 minutes including any Q&A; and be offered at a discounted ticket price.  Traditional High School and Collegiate graduations also qualify, provided they last no longer than 75 minutes and there is no ticket charge.  Award shows, galas, and student showcases do not qualify.   Rate includes 2 hours prior to the event start time, and 1 hour after the event end.  Additional charges will apply if booking the facility prior to 8am or after 11pm.

Commercial Outreach Rate $900      Non-Profit Outreach Rate $450


Current Incentive*:

-A 20% discount on regular performance fees when weekly facility fee (see Ticketing below) revenue is greater than $1500

-A 20% discount on the regular performance fee when a single day event facility fee is greater than $750

-Half price on any second regular performance occurring on the same day.

*Incentives do not apply to Educational Outreach.  Discounts and qualifying terms only apply to full priced Performance rates.  Please contact the KiMo for more details.




All tickets for your event must be sold through the KiMo Theatre.  The KiMo offers up to 65 media and comp tickets to your event that cannot be resold.   Consignment ticketing options are also available at a $1 per ticket fee in addition to the fees listed below with prior approval from the KiMo.

$1.50   Facility Fee per performance ticket

$0.50   Facility Fee per non-profit season ticket (maximum limit applies)

$0.25   Facility Fee per outreach ticket

$0.15   Facility fee for producer comp ticket (maximum 65)

A 3% fee will be deducted for all Credit Card sales




Additional Use:

Any use of the facility outside of the times of your performance(s) are billed at the rates below.  There is a 4 hour minimum for additional use.   Please note that any additions to your event times within 2 weeks of your event load in will be billed at the Unscheduled Rate and must be approved by the KiMo Theatre.  There are no refunds for unused times.

Regular Use 9am-11pm                                  $40 per hour

Late Night Use 11pm-9am                             $100 per hour

Unscheduled Regular Use 9am-11pm            $100 per hour

Unscheduled Late Night Use 11pm-9am       $250 per hour


Miscellaneous Services:

The KiMo Theatre offers additional services for your event, such as tour bus parking, shore power, school bus drop off and pick up, and additional event security.  Please contact us if you need additional assistance with your event!