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Teacher & School Tours

Information for teachers about school tours at Albuquerque Museum and Casa San Ysidro. Schedule a Magic Bus!

2018 - 19 School Year

Visions School Programs

Bring your class to see "Visions of the Hispanic World"

Albuquerque Museum Education Contact
Education Department
(505) 764-6502
[email protected]


School tours at Albuquerque Museum connect students with their community through art, culture and history.

Groups in grades K – 12 from public, private, or home schools may request a school tour at Albuquerque Museum. Tours of the Museum’s historic property in Corrales, Casa San Ysidro are for grades 3 – 8 only.

Albuquerque Museum has permanent exhibitions focusing on the art and history of the region as well as traveling exhibitions.

Curriculum Connections
School tours at Albuquerque Museum and Casa San Ysidro support New Mexico State Standards by addressing themes relevant to visual arts, language arts, and/or social studies curricula. Click here to see a listing of the relevant standards.

Due to the generosity of donors to the Albuquerque Museum Foundation, admission is free to K – 12 school groups who schedule a tour. Tours can be either self-guided or docent guided.

Tour Options  (Tours must be requested at least three (3) weeks in advance.)

Self-guided tours: One hour tours of the Albuquerque Museum on an exhibition of your choice. Please contact the Museum to schedule your tour, 764-6502.

Docent Guided Tours: Docents are volunteers who provide tours of the Museum’s exhibitions. The following tour options are available:

  • Albuquerque Museum: Grade levels K – 1 and 6 – 8. One hour tour of preferred exhibition. Up to 60 students.
  • Albuquerque Museum: Grade levels 2 – 5. One hour tour and 30 minute activity. Up to 60 students
  • Casa San Ysidro: Grade levels 3 – 8. One hour tour and activity. Up to 45 students.

Albuquerque Museum Foundation LogoMAGIC BUS

Scheduling Your Tour
The Magic Bus is a free program of the Albuquerque Museum Foundation. Funding is provided to cover transportation and admission to the Museum from the Albuquerque Metro Area. The program is available on a first come, first served basis.

To apply to this program, complete the tour request form.

If you are not in need of transportation, contact the tour coordinators directly to schedule your tour.
Albuquerque Museum: (505) 764-6502
Casa San Ysidro: (505) 898-3915

Chaperone Requirements
Groups must bring one adult per 10 children for both docent and self-guided tours. Download "10 Things to Know about Your Museum Tour" and share with your chaperones.

Groups should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tour time. One representative from the group should check in at Admissions desk in the Main Lobby to confirm your groups’ arrival.

Late Arrivals
Groups that are more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled tour time may be asked to reschedule their tour. The group may be allowed to self-guide if space and time allows.


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