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Appeal Process

Learn how to file your appeal according to the Police Oversight City Ordinance.

Appeals must be submitted to the CPOA Office within 30 days of receiving your Findings Letter from the CPOA. 

** If you disagree with the Findings Letter you received regarding your complaint and would like to file an appeal, please read the following instructions carefully to assure your appeal is complete prior to submitting it to the CPOA Office. 

How to File an Appeal with the CPOA Board

Please send your request to P.O. Box 1293, Albuquerque, NM 87103 or by email [email protected]. Include your CPC number. Please note, at this time the Advisory Board is being reconfigured so no hearings will take place until regularly scheduled meetings occur. If your appeal request is filed timely you will be notified of when your appeal will be scheduled and more information will follow. Once normal procedures resume the appeal hearings will proceed as specified in the Oversight Ordinance 9-4-1-10. In order for the Advisory Board to modify the Director's findings your appeal must demonstrate one or more of the following:

     1) A policy was misapplied in the evaluation of the complaint;

     2) That the findings or recommendations were arbitrary, capricious or constituted an abuse of discretion; or

     3) that the findings and recommendations were not consistent with the record evidence.

Administratively closed complaints may be re-opened if additional information becomes available. Please provide your additional information in writing to the CPOA Director as listed above.


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