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Albuquerque Police Complaint or Commendation Form

Report a complaint or commendation about an Albuquerque Police officer.

How To: Report a Police Complaint or Commendation

Learn how to submit a Police Complaint or Commendation Form.

Please complete as much information as possible.

You may file this complaint anonymously; however, keep in mind that an anonymous complaint is extremely difficult to resolve.

This form is only for complaints or commendations against the Albuquerque Police Department. This form is NOT for filing a police report. Please use our File a Police Report Online form if you need to file a report or contact APD non-emergency number 242-COPS.

Need Assistance? Let Us Know

In order to make sure your accessibility needs are being met, such as sign language interpretation or help completing this form, please contact the Civilian Police Oversight Agency at (505) 924-3770.

Online Form: Police Complaint or Commendation

Complaint or Commendation of Albuquerque Police?
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For Statistical Purposes Only The Department of Justice and the Civilian Police Oversight Agency are requesting this information for statistical purposes. If you chose not to answer, please check the 'prefer not to answer' selection. We value your participation, please help our Agency track biases and trends.



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