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Paseo del Volcan

Paseo del Volcan is an essential long-range need for our region.

Map of Paseo del Volcan

Preparing for this road now will encourage good quality, well-planned development for the west side of the region in the future. This will open up the possibility of future employers and in turn address the jobs/housing imbalance and congestion. It’s time to move this project from the back burner to the front burner.


If you have any questions about this project and the on-going planning effort, please contact Councilor Borrego's assistant, Susan Vigil, at 768-3189 or [email protected]

We can coordinate an informational presentation at your neighborhood association meeting.

History and Completed Steps

  • Identified as an essential project in MRCOG’s 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Environmental Impact Statement, a federal requirement, was completed in the early 2000’s.
  • Preferred alternative has been selected
  • NMDOT has contributed $4 million towards the purchase of right-of-way in the northern-most portion
  • 30% of the roadway has been designed
  • Two lanes of the road have been constructed in Rio Rancho from US550 to Unser

Steering Committee Meetings

Agenda Minutes Presentations, Reports, Other Materials
November 7, 2014 11/7 Minutes

Steering Committee Presentation


Final Report

Possible Next Steps
June 27, 2014 6/27 Minutes

WALH and Ranch Joint Ventures Presentation

Aviation Double Eagle II Presentation

Open Space Presentation
April 4, 2014 4/4 Minutes

Funding and Financing Presentation by Parsons Brinckerhoff

Right-of-Way Acquisition Status Map

Draft Scope of Work for Site Selection Assessment

Background and Findings for Economic Development Analysis Draft RFP

Wadley Donovan Study of NM’s competitiveness for business

Jan 15, 2014 1/15 Minutes

Right-of-Way Acquisition Map

Sample Resolution
Nov 20, 2013  

Invitation to Meeting


Supporting Documentation

Download Description
Final Report Paseo del Volcan Corridor Final Report - Analysis of Economic Development Opportunities
Brochure Paseo del Volcan Brochure. Prints double sided on 11x17.
Steering Committee Presentation 11/07/2014 - Presentation made to steering committee regarding the economic opportunity analyses and implementation strategy
Steering Committee Councilor Lewis' request that the Mid-Region Council of Governments form a steering committee.
R-12-119 Legislation adopted on February 4, 2013 by the City Council establishing Paseo del Volcan as a priority and calling on all entities in the region to work together.
Original Presentation Gives background information on this project. Councilor Lewis has given this presentation to elected officials, neighborhood leaders and private entities to help them understand the importance of completing this road.

Project Status Update


  • 11/07/2014 Steering Committee Meeting #5
  • 6/27/2014 Steering Committee Meeting #4
  • 4/4/2014 Steering Committee Meeting #3
  • 1/15/2014 Steering Committee Meeting #2
  • 11/20/13 Steering Committee Meeting #1
  • 10/21/13 Planning meeting for first steering committee meeting
  • 6/4/13 Met with MRCOG and NMDOT Engineers
  • 5/23/13 Discussion with City Staff regarding city-owned right-of-way
  • 5/9/13 Long-range planning discussion with Council Staff and MRCOG staff
  • 4/15/13 Met with Mayor Swisstack and MRCOG
  • 2/14/13 Met with Sandoval County Commissioners
  • 2013 Legislative Session – requested funding for rights-of-way purchases from state legislatures; Received $510,000.
  • 2/4/13 Adopted Paseo del Volcan Resolution, R-12-119
  • 1/30/13 Met with Rio Rancho Councilors
  • 1/24/13 Met with Rio Rancho Mayor Swisstack
  • 1/9/13 Presented information to West Side Councilors and Commissioners
  • 1/7/13 Introduced R-13-131 that established Paseo del Volcan as a legislative priority
  • 12/19/12 Discussed possibilities of a public-private partnership with property owners in the area
  • 12/17/12 Introduced Resolution R-12-119 at Council
  • 12/6/12 Met with State Senators and Representatives
  • 12/5/12 Met with the New Mexico Department of Transportation
  • 11/29/12 Met with Gary Tonjes with Albuquerque Economic Development
  • 10/15/12 Met with the Mid-Region Council of Governments
  • 9/17/12 Met with Albuquerque Councilor Ken Sanchez, Bernalillo Commissioner Art De La Cruz and Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry
  • 8/20/12 Met with Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development Director Michael Riordan

Get Involved

Contact your elected officials and tell them that they need to plan for our region’s future by making this project a priority!


“If implemented Paseo del Volcan would create a major transportation corridor with efficient access to developing properties on Albuquerque’s west side and in Rio Rancho. Paseo del Volcan will facilitate and provide for orderly development in a rapidly growing area of Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties, and improve the roadway capacity to other existing and planned transportation facilities within the northwest subarea.” NMDOT when filing the environmental impact statement with the Federal Highway Administration.