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Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored Legislation for District 8.

Councilor Jones has successfully worked to pass resolutions and ordinances that further her policy goals and make the city safer and more enjoyable for the people living in District 8. Below are some of her more highlighted legislation of interest.


R-19-138 Appropriating funds for Fiscal Year 2020 Operating Budget

R-19-120 Approving the Programming of funds and projects for the 2019-2028 Decade Plan For Capital Improvements


R-18-72 Utilizing available General Fund Balance to purchase a police helicopter and to obtain cellular phone service for all sworn police officers

O-18-15 Amendments to the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) for certain dimensional standards in low density residential zones

R-18-25 Establishing one-year Objectives for the City Of Albuquerque In Fiscal Year 2019, to meet Five-Year Goals

O-18-2 Amending the Drainage Ordinance to implement best practices for the management of new runoff associated with land development


O-17-54 Amending the Impact Fee Ordinance relating to encumbrance of funds

O-17-51 Amending the Traffic Code and Ordinance relating to Pedestrian Safety and Vehicle/Pedestrian Conflicts 

R-17-213 Adopting the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO)


R-16-108 Adopting an updated Albuquerque/ Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan (Jones, Benton)

O-16-16 Adopting a Stormwater Quality Ordinance


R-15-277 Reserving funding In Fiscal Year 2016 for an Albuquerque Police Officer Retention Program (Jones, Sanchez)

R-15-158 Authorizing grant from the New Mexico Department Of Public Safety for the New Mexico DNA Identification System Administrative Center and providing an appropriation to the Police Department 


O-14-9 Authorizing the issuance and sale of Revenue Bonds

R-14-28 Approval of a Party Patrol Grant

R-14-46 Evaluating and updating the Comprehensive Plan vision for growth and development in the City Of Albuquerque; Revising Land Use, Transportation, and Development Regulations to implement the Comprehensive Plan Vision (Jones, Benton)

R-14-67 Establishing a community outreach process known as the "Albuquerque Collaborative On Police-Community Relations" (Sanchez, Jones)


O-13-63 Allowing Zone Map Amendments to be heard by the Land Use Hearing Officer

R-13-8 Established the legislative priorities for the 2014 Legislative Session


R-13-185 Restricted use of fireworks due to the severe drought conditions

O-13-47 Amending the Drainage Ordinance


R-12-117 Establishing the Economic Development Action Account (Jones, Lewis, Garduño, by request)

O-12-38 Amending the Impact Fee Ordinance (Jones, Winter)

R-12-98 Amending the Component Capital Improvements Plan (CCIP) (Jones, Winter)

R-12-91 Determining reasonable notice of public meetings

O-12-22 Prohibiting the use of fireworks in Open Space areas

O-12-6, 7, 8, 9 Extending the Time Period for the Reduction of Impact Fees (Jones, Winter)


M-11-5 Supporting a ban on types of traps for animal trapping (Jones, Benton)

R-11-209 Providing Funding for the Party Patrol Program in FY/11 (Jones, Winter)

O-11-58 Authorizing the Fire Chief to ban and restrict fires as necessary

O-11-57 Banning fireworks due to severe drought (Jones, Sanchez)

O-11-3 Amending the Allowable Time between Issuance of a Building Permit and the Project Being Deemed Complete In Order to Have the Benefit of Reduced Impact Fees (Jones, Winter)


R-10-167 Requesting the Administration to Conduct an Evaluation of Costs Associated With the City’s Washington Representative to Determine How it Compares to Other Jurisdictions

O-10-18 Replacing the Food Sanitation Ordinance

R-10-108 Designating Forty Thousand Dollars in Previously Appropriated Funds for the Use of the Real Property Division of the DFAS to Provide Funding for the Creation of a Database of All City-Owned Real Property

R-10-104 Designating Ten Thousand Dollars in Previously Appropriated Funds to be Used to provide Short Term Assistance to Indigent and Needy Clients of the Crisis Outreach and Support Team

R-10-65 & R-10-85 Approving and Authorizing the 2009 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Program from New Mexico State and 2010 Solving Cold Cases with DNA Grant from the DoJ

O-10-19 Amending the Terms and Composition of the Impact Fee Committee (Jones, O’Malley, Winter)

O-10-12,13,14,15 Extended time period for impact fee reduction (Jones, Lewis)


R-09-297 Creating a Community Gardens Study Group to Examine Ways to Strengthen and Expand Community Gardens in Albuquerque and to Recommend Changes to Local Ordinances or Regulations that will Enhance Development of Community Gardens (Jones, Garduño)

R-09-232 2009 Drug Recognition Expert Program Grant with the State of New Mexico

O-09-69,70,71,72 Reduction of Impact Fees for Green Path Development (Jones, Sanchez)


R-08-176 Repealing R-10-1991 Regarding the Requirement for a Fiscal Impact Analysis of Certain Legislation; Establishing a Policy to Require a Fiscal Impact Analysis on All Ordinances, Resolutions, and Executive Communications, and to Require an Economic Impact Analysis on All Legislation Creating a Financial Impact on the Community

R-08-116 Approving and Authorizing an MOA with the New Mexico Department of Health for the West Nile Virus Surveillance and Data Management Program

R-08-104 Approving and Authorizing the filing for a food service program for children with the New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families; Providing an Appropriation to DFCS

R-08-99 Providing Funding for a Memorial Honoring New Mexico’s Fallen in the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (Jones, Harris)

R-08-96 Creating an Unser Crossing Offsite Improvements Project (Jones, Benton, Sanchez)

R-08-75 Approving the Filing of Agreement for a 100 Days and Nights of Summer Program with the State of New Mexico DOT

R-08-20 Amending City Ordinance to Limit Dwelling Units as a Conditional Use in O-1 Zones

R-08-25 Approving the Filing for a DNA Identification System Grant from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety