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Albuquerque Fire Station Receives Life Saving Equipment and Updates with Funding From Councilor Trudy Jones

District 8 City Councilor Trudy Jones uses set-aside funding to increase safety and lifesaving capabilities for Station 16 firefighters as well as help fund a much needed addition to the building.

From Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

Albuquerque Councilor Trudy Jones  has been a longtime supporter of first responders and knows the importance of their services to the community. For this reason, Councilor Jones is using approximately $80,000 of her set-aside funding to purchase equipment that will make firefighters from Station 16 safer and even more efficient. “We appreciate Councilor Jones’ commitment to support our Firefighters and their mission of saving lives and property. Using her set-aside funding, Councilor Jones has helped by purchasing this equipment that would otherwise have had to wait for other funding opportunities.” said AFR Fire Chief Paul Dow. Councilor Trudy Jones added “It is my honor to help Albuquerque Fire Rescue with these projects knowing what a difference this funding will make in the lives of our firefighters and the community they serve.”  

The list of purchases is as follows:

    • “No Smoke’ Vehicle Exhaust System ($36,000) - AFR has 65 frontline apparatus (24/7 response) and we know that diesel exhaust is a carcinogen which puts firefighters at risk for cancer. Fire Chief Paul Dow stated “Our department has implemented several steps to reduce exposure to cancer causing carcinogens and this equipment provides an added level of protection.” The “No Smoke” exhaust is fully automatic, reduces the emissions of gaseous matter and is not detrimental to vehicle operations. E16 and L15 are the first two apparatus to receive this and we will continue to pursue funding to outfit others.
    • Apparatus Bay Expansion (design phase and survey work to include asbestos testing $27,000) – This addition will Isolate bunker gear from rest of fire station and is yet another step to reduce any harmful exposure to firefighters.
    • Thermal Imaging Camera for R16 ($4,500) and is one of 10 Rescues with a TIC out of 23 Rescues. These cameras are utilized for search and rescue in smoke and fire conditions as well as for motor vehicle accidents in dark conditions.
    • Wilderness / Low Angle Rescue Equipment ($3,500) that is used for rescue in the foothills throughout the year and for training on a regular basis. The current equipment is ending its service life.
    • EMS Training Mannequin ($3,500) that has several interactive features that allow us to simulate realistic medical events. Thanks to Councilors Jones, Peña, Sanchez, Winter, Gibson and Davis, AFR has a new Mobile Training Unit (MTU). This allows us to keep frontline units in district and provides crucial training for continuing education.
    • Vial of Life ($3,200) that provides first responders with critical patient info when the person is unable to properly communicate and is one of our most successful community risk reduction programs.
    • Updated Fitness Equipment for St16 ($3,000) that includes a low impact rower and other free weights selected by Station Captain Justin Mesch. Our firefighters need to maintain high levels of fitness that the job demands.

District 8 AFR Equipment Press Conference