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Academy Hills Park Renovation Update 05.22.14

Update on the status of the Park Renovation as of May 22, 2014. The contractors are a bit ahead of schedule right now!
June 02, 2014

Construction Timelinecaption:Relocating a Tree

Right now the end date for construction still stands at mid-September. However, we are optimistic about finishing earlier. Once the new paths have been poured and installed we will be able to give a more accurate date for a grand re-opening.

Tree Transplantcaption:Moving the Blue Spruce @ Academy Hills

In March, two enormous trees were saved and moved to make way for the new walking/jogging paths.

  • Pinon pine weighing over 25,000 pounds
  • Blue spruce weighing over 22,000 pounds
  • The trees are being monitored closely and given extra water. They are braced with strong cables which will remain in place until new roots are firmly established.

After the trees were moved, a concrete retaining wall was built to create a flat area for the paths along Admiral Emerson Avenue.

Next Steps

We will not lay asphalt for another several weeks, until the following items have been finished:

  • First, anything requiring the use of heavy machinery will be installed – the new sculpture, for example, and the shade structures at the playground. This is to prevent damage to the new paths.
  • Simultaneously with this work, areas that will receive new xeric plantings are being prepared. An area near the school has already been planted.

Irrigationcaption:Irrigation @ Academy Hills Park

  • The south end of the park near Layton has been graded and prepared for slope stabilization and an extensive xeric planting area. Irrigation equipment for the park is located here.
  • Brand new backflow preventer for the irrigation equipment, and the beginnings of a new xeric planting area at Layton

Last Step

When all the heavy construction is completed, we will be installing new benches and picnic tables.