Homeless Assistance Helpline

768-HELP connects vulnerable individuals with community service providers.

768-HELP InfographicCity Councilor Diane Gibson sponsored the program and has been working with City Departments, AGORA Crisis Center, and community service providers, such as,  New Day, ABQ Healthcare for the Homeless, Heading Home/ABQ Opportunity Center, Hopeworks, NM Coalition to End Homelessness and Faithworks, to implement the Homeless Assistance Helpline.

Visit: cabq.gov/homeless.

“This homeless assistance helpline will complement other City efforts,” said Councilor Gibson. “If you need services or if you are concerned for a family member, friend, neighbor, or others who may need help with shelter, food, transportation or other type of non-emergency assistance, you can call 768-HELP to get connected to community services.”

The University of New Mexico’s AGORA Crisis Center operates the Homeless Assistance Helpline seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. All calls are confidential. A specialist will collect information from the caller and then outreach to the community service provider most appropriate for the circumstances provided by the caller. The specialist will then continue coordination and follow-ups to ensure support has been provided.

“768-HELP will connect someone in need to coordinated community services,” said Molly Brack, with AGORA. “People in need will not be given another number to call, they will get hands-on assistance with follow up.”

768-HELP is a centralized, community-based service approach to connect those in need with community service providers.