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Revitalize San Pedro

Information about San Pedro MainStreet.

The Main Street Movement

As a Main Street America program, the San Pedro Corridor would be joining a network of small towns, mid-sized communities, urban commercial districts, thousands of organizations, individuals, volunteers, local leaders, and businesses working together to breathe new life into the places people call HOME.

New Mexico MainStreet provides a variety of FREE technical assistance, service and supports to its 30MainStreet programs and their businesses throughout the state, as well as funding when available. These extensive resources would be available to the San Pedro Corridor as well, if it completes the Main Street designation process.

A Movement of Community Changemakers

Main Street empowers communities to set their own destinies. While revitalization is challenging work, the Main Street program offers a road-map for locally-owned, locally-driven prosperity. Across the country, thousands of communities have used the Main Street Approach to transform their economies, leverage local leadership, and improve overall quality of life.

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Recent Accomplishments for Revitalize San Pedro

  • Designated a New Mexico MainStreet “Urban Neighborhood Commercial Corridor” initiative, creating access to technical assistance, training, and funding sources
  • Solicited community input to develop 18-month RSPP Action Plan for San Pedro Corridor Revitalization
  • Secured $3,000 grant and matching donations to host a Creative Placemaking Contest, resulting in the winning Pop Up Event Kit
  • Launched Pop Up Event Kit at Small Business Saturday “Pop Up Promenade” event with five participating businesses
  • Hosted quarterly RSPP Business Connections gatherings, since June 2022
  • Connected businesses to APD and appropriate City Depts.
  • Secured CABQ support in prioritizing funding and attention to the San Pedro Corridor
  • Supported Mile-Hi Farmers Market since its launch in 2014
  • Successfully advocated for street calming measures, improved street lighting, and Mile Hi District signs and banners
  • Advocated for streetscape assessments with funding secured for future improvements by City
  • Utilized newsletters, social media, and public meetings to keep the Corridor community informed and engaged.