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The Albuquerque Woodworkers Association Gives Desks to Students in Need

City Councilors Pat Davis, Isaac Benton, Don Harris, and Lan Sena funded the effort to have the Woodworks Association build the desks.

December 9, 2020 

Today, City Councilor Pat Davis joined the Albuquerque Woodworkers Association (AWA) and the Family and Community Services Department to give away wooden desks to families and students that need a quality desk space for at-home, online learning. Identified community members were able to pick up their desks at Mesa Verde Community Center today. After they delivered to Mesa Verde, AWA will be delivering all the other desks to other community centers and the Westside Emergency Housing Center.

“During these difficult times, this is a great example of local government leaders and a group of dedicated citizens working together to make students’ lives better,” said Councilor Davis.

Albuquerque Woodworkers Association Gives Desks to Students in Need

A total of 45 desks were made by the Albuquerque Woodworkers Association. Family and Community Services staff identified students from their community that would benefit from having a new desk to use in their homes. The desks will be distributed city wide by community center.  Mesa Verde Community Center received and distributed 11 desks, West Mesa Community Center will receive 4 desks, Cesar Chavez Community Center will receive 2 desks, Herman Sanchez Community Center will receive 11 desks, Jack Candelaria Community Center will receive 4 desks, and Singing Arrow Community Center will receive 3 desks. The Westside Emergency Housing Center will receive 10 desks that will stay at the center for use by the homeless residents.

“I appreciate my council colleagues for coming together to fund this, the AWA for making the desks, and for Family and Community Services for connecting these desks to those in the community that need them,” said Councilor Sena.

AWA member John Henderson thought the desk project would be a perfect fit for the group of almost 200 Woodworkers. AWA President Diane Galbraith and AWA leadership offered their full support, secured funding for all materials, and rallied their members to build the 45 desks. “It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of such a great endeavor,” said Galbraith.

Councilor Benton adds, “I’m happy to be part of the effort to provide desks for kids so they have a great place to do their school work.”

City Councilors Pat Davis, Isaac Benton, Don Harris, and Lan Sena funded the effort with their discretionary funding for a total of $3,800. All City Councilors that contributed were grateful and thankful to the Albuquerque Woodworkers Association, and were excited for students to receive their new desks.

“I want to thank the Albuquerque Woodworkers Association for their outstanding work and commitment to serving their community,” said Councilor Harris.

The Albuquerque Woodworkers Association is a nonprofit organization that has been interested for years in helping the community by doing projects that involve wood. The group was formed over twenty years ago and is comprised of almost 200 members from all walks of life: teachers, accountants, engineers, professional woodworkers, and retirees, to name a few. To learn more about the AWA’s mission, projects, and membership, visit