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Councilor Pat Davis Attending the Cities of Tomorrow Conference

The conference brings together policy makers to explore strategies to address urban issues

City Councilor Pat Davis is attending the Cities of Tomorrow Conference this week. The conference, available to policy makers by invitation only, brings policy makers and issue experts together to explore successful strategies to address urban issues.

"The New York Times will convene the world’s foremost industry experts, policymakers, developers, creative visionaries, entrepreneurs and others at Cities for Tomorrow, the must-attend event for leaders who are shaping the urban environments of the future.

Together, this powerful group will identify and assess the formulas that lead to flourishing cities — and explore new challenges that are rapidly emerging. Topics will range from the new power of private money to the future of bricks-and-mortar retail, from cities’ impact on the national climate agenda to the realities of leading during a time of partisan politics, from the promises and pitfalls of smart technology to fresh approaches to entrepreneurship — and much more on what makes a good city great.”

This year’s conference features former US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, former Mass. Governor Bill Weld, and former NYC Council President Christine Quinn, addressing topics including: addressing the opioid crisis, climate change and renewable energy strategies for cites, and building economic development strategies to promote locally-owned businesses.