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City Councilors Announce Rediscover Route 66

Proposal includes funding community policing and business marketing grants along Central Ave.

Since ART construction ended in May 2018 more than 240 new business licenses have been issued in the Central Avenue corridor - Albuquerque's small business Main Street.

Those new businesses, along with our old favorites, are counting on customers to return. With more than 500 parking spaces, wider sidewalks and new bicycle lanes, Central is open for business.

To support local businesses, the City Council is proposing new programs to invest in new policing and marketing programs to keep Central safe and welcoming for shoppers and workers alike.

Reinvesting in Route 66

$1,000,000 - Funding new community policing positions to support Central Ave and Uptown

  • Funded from new online sales tax distributions
  • Funds 10 new positions to APD, beginning in July 2019
  • Officers will be bicycle certified 
  • Councilors will purchase bikes and equipment from Councilor-directed set aside $
  • New positions added to area commands along ART route, specific beats and schedules to be determined by APD in conjunction with merchant input

$500,000 - Competitive marketing grants to promote Central Avenue as a destination

  • Funded from one-time funds, subject to availability the budget
  • Available to non-profit merchant associations
  • Promoting experiences on Central (Brunch & Shopping, Bike & Lunch, etc)
  • Cannot be used to promote individual businesses

City Councilors Pat Davis, Isaac Benton, Ken Sanchez, and Klarissa Peña  representing the Central Ave. ART Corridor - proposed the program to be included in the City Council's budget amendments for FY20.