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City Councilor Pat Davis Requests APD Halt Internal Investigation & Appoint Outside Investigator to Review Video Tampering Allegations

After questioning the Police Chief and City Attorney regarding new allegations that senior members of the command staff may have deleted or altered video evidence in officer-involved shootings and high-profile incidents, City Councilor Pat Davis sent a letter to the Mayor and City Attorney requesting the appointment of an independent, outside counsel to lead the investigation.

View the letter here

“The Police Department and City Attorney’s Office are conducting their own investigation into these very serious accusations,” says Davis, himself a former police officer. “But we owe it to the public to ensure that results are available quickly and are not influenced by any real or perceived conflict of interest.”

“If there is nothing to this, then we should have someone else tell us.  If there is cause for concern, the investigation must be thorough and above reproach.  Either way, it is incumbent on the Mayor to ensure that these allegations are addressed quickly and thoroughly.”