Sylvia Maser, CEO for Global Give A Book Reads on the Lavender Libros YouTube Channel

Lavender Libros is a Children’s Book Reading Program by local government and community members.

June 23, 2021

City Council President Cynthia D. Borrego initiated the Lavender Libros book reading project to demonstrate care and outreach to New Mexico’s children. Government administrators and community leaders alike read a children’s book available on the Lavender Libros YouTube Channel.

Today, Global Give A Book CEO Sylvia Maser reads Big Cat Little Cat by Elisha Cooper.

Global Give A Book is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide unique tools that promote youth literacy one book at a time strives to provide high-quality award-winning books in collaboration with community partners and local food pantries. For more information visit:

The reading broadcasts will occur every Wednesday until the State Health Order is lifted on the Lavender Libros YouTube Channel.

Special readings will continue throughout the year. Every Wednesday provides this at home opportunity to learn and lead with Lavender Libros.