Road Diet on Kimmick Dr. to Reduce Cut Through Traffic

Restriping of the road will improve safety for neighborhood.

October 28, 2021

Today, City Council President Cynthia Borrego and neighborhood representatives gathered to unveil the road diet restriping of Kimmick Dr. from Rosa Parks Rd. to Unser Blvd. The project will improve safety for users of the road and the nearby neighborhoods of La Cuentista I and II.

A road diet is a reduction of lanes to improve safety, slow traffic and provide space for other modes of travel, like bicyclists. The road diet on Kimmick Dr. includes two bicycle lanes and decreases the vehicle travel lanes to two, a single lane in each direction.

Kimmick Dr.

“We met with neighborhood leadership to discuss the options to improve the road’s safety and limit the excessive cut through traffic,” said Councilor Cynthia Borrego. “These safety improvements will be especially helpful to the neighborhood when Paseo del Norte expansion construction begins, and drivers will be tempted to cut through these neighborhoods.”

Speeding and cut through traffic are expected to increase when the larger Paseo del Norte project expansion begins nearby, and drivers will look to avoid the area. These driving behaviors become dangerous and a nuisance for the surrounding neighborhoods. By restriping these lanes beforehand, the speeding and level of cut through traffic should be limited.

The Department of Municipal Development installed the stripping to narrow the vehicle travel lanes and add the bicycle lanes. The project cost was $7,737.50 and funded from City Council District 5 Set-Aside GO Bond Funds. To date, the City has secured approximately $19 million out of the estimated $26 million needed to construct Paseo del Norte’s expansion from Calle Nortena to Rainbow Blvd. In addition to those efforts, the City has also secured approximately $16 million out of an estimated $26 million required to construct Unser Blvd.’s expansion from Kimmick Dr. to Paradise Blvd.