District 5 Updates and Accomplishments

City Councilor Cynthia Borrego updates on activities in District 5 from January to April 2018

City of Albuquerque Councilor Cynthia D. Borrego’s speaks to and supports the values of the City of Albuquerque, in its entirety to the credit of its residents, businesses, and organizations. One of Councilor Borrego’s visions for Albuquerque includes beautification and clean-up. These last few months under her direction, derelict properties have been swept into upstanding real-estate. Weeds and other nuisance zoning issues such as improperly parked vehicles have been called in and removed or repaired. Councilor Borrego’s cooperative efforts with The New Mexico Department of Transportation resulted in several trash and litter sweeps of Paseo del Norte. The City’s Solid Waste Department removed trash along portions of Unser Blvd. in response to the Councilor’s diligence. Currently, Councilor Borrego is looking into legislative measures to curb littering in the City and improve residents’ visual experience of their urban environment.

In addition to beautification and anti-littering efforts, Councilor Borrego’s District 5 priorities are fighting crime, community policing, addressing infrastructure needs, and enhancing lighting in District 5 neighborhoods. At the 2018 Legislative Session, Councilor Borrego submitted three proposals to rehabilitate dangerous and clogged roadways in District 5. Firstly, she requested monies for Paseo del Norte capacity improvements between Kimmick Rd. and Universe Blvd. Secondly, the intersection at Eagle Ranch Road and Paseo del Norte, with its misleading turn lanes and traffic build up is another sore on Albuquerque’s west side demanding public attention. Finally, McMahon Blvd. at the intersection of Anasazi Ridge Ave./Kayenta Pl. requisites driver’s inch forward to pass through during rush hour traffic.

The initial design and right of way acquisition phases for west Paseo del Norte, and the intersections of Eagle Ranch/Paseo del Norte, and Anasazi Ridge Ave/Kayenta Pl. went unfunded in the 2018 NM Legislative session. Councilor Borrego is working with Albuquerque's Mayor Tim Keller to tighten District 5 proposals, and met with area Legislators to discuss tactics to strengthen funding requests. She is further exploring alternative financing and creative designs to immediately impact these Westside roadways.

Street lights help deter criminal behavior, improve drivability, and keep streets walkable. Two recent street light installations were completed at Kayenta Pl. and McMahon Blvd. Councilor Borrego orchestrated street light repairs at Territorial Rd. and Sand Springs Rd. near a park. A streetlight was repaired at Box Canyon Pl. Additionally, a new traffic signal at McMahon Blvd. and Finelnd Dr. is activated

During the initial phase of her City Council term, Councilor Borrego pushed forward street repairs in the Tuscany neighborhood and on Painted Pony Dr. to occur in the fall of 2018. Graceful sidewalk and bicycle path amenities proposed for Montecito and surrounding neighborhoods with planned completion date in the next few months will extend pathways from the point where Rainbow Blvd. narrows to two lanes traveling northwest to end at Volcano Vista and Tierra Antigua schools.

Councilor Borrego persistently advocates for neighborhood connectivity around schools and neighborhood street safety. Daily measures are taken between Northwest Area Commander Olvera and Councilor Borrego to address speeding in District 5. A few examples include the placement of a speeding van at Ventana Rd. and Universe Blvd., speeding cameras and patrols at Golf Course Rd. and Paradise Blvd., and patrol teams on Homestead Circle.

Your City Council Representative is proud to serve the needs and visions of Albuquerque’s west-side in District 5. She is present and actively responsive to the wishes of residents and institutions in the area. Please feel free to contact Councilor Cynthia D. Borrego at her e-mail: [email protected] or by phone at 505-768-3100. Alternatively, you may contact her Policy Analyst Susan Vigil by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone 505-768-3189.