Councilor Borrego Hosts Small Business Resource Fair in Northwest Albuquerque

Highlighting the Unser/McMahon Business Node in Council District 5.

September 29, 2020

Today, City Councilor Cynthia D. Borrego was joined by Albuquerque’s Economic Development Director Synthia Jaramillo, and local business leaders at the commercial center on Unser and McMahon for the Unser/ McMahon Small Business Resource Fair.  It was the final event in a series of activities highlighting this business node in Northwest Albuquerque.

“I want to uplift and celebrate commercial areas in my district,” said Councilor Borrego. “My office is working to provide funding for the promotion of business areas in District 5 and assist District 5’s small and medium sized businesses that form the foundation of a healthy economy. The Unser and McMahon Commercial Node is open for business, fun, and refreshments and offers great views of the City.  APD Officers are visiting the node to eliminate criminal threats.”

Unser & McMahon Business Node

The Small-Business Resource Fair at Tractor Company in the McMahon/Unser Business Node was organized to connect the area’s businesses with each other and assist them in obtaining resources to better promote and protect their vital commercial area.  Recent activities in the Unser and McMahon commercial area include a NW Area Command Coffee with a Cop event held at Starbucks, a virtual Public Safety Meeting, a business survey to address both COVID-19 concerns and look into ways to support the node, and the creation of a brochure promoting the area.  

At a cost of $25,000 assembled by Councilor Borrego, the McMahon/Unser Business Node study was administered by the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department and conducted by Simply Social Marketing, a local company owned and operated by Melissa Sanchez.

“More than ever, local businesses need our support, not only to sustain livelihoods and preserve jobs but also to ensure they have a safe environment in which to achieve their highest potential,” said Director Synthia Jaramillo.  “The communities they serve deserve no less, and my department’s Small Business Office is specially equipped to assist them on their journey to sustainable success.”

Other District 5 commercial activity centers slated to receive focused attention from Councilor Borrego and Albuquerque Economic Development include Cottonwood Mall Business Node, Golf Course/ Paseo del Norte Node, Coors/Irving Node, Paradise/Unser Business Node, Golf Course/Montano Node, Golf Course/McMahon Node, and the business node at Alameda and HW 528. Focused commercial center studies offer clarity to City administrators on targeted methods to improve local shopping area’s visibility, streets and parking lots, access to assets such as street furniture and lighting, in addition to providing businesses with information on the benefits to organizing so they may better connect with police and financing.