City Councilors Purchase Technology for APD’s Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU)

All City Councilors recognize APD’s CACU importance and contribute to technology upgrade.

September 8, 2020

Today, City Councilors Cynthia Borrego and Brook Bassan joined Albuquerque Police Department Commander Joseph Burke and Lieutenant Nicholas Sanders to announce the purchase of technology upgrades for the Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU).

“My late colleague Councilor Ken Sanchez, began the annual tradition of lighting the Angel Christmas Tree on Civic Plaza, to honor and remember the children lost to child abuse and neglect,” said Councilor Borrego. “This effort is one I take to heart and with efforts like this one to provide this equipment, we will hopefully have one less angel this Christmas on the Angel Tree.”

CACU Equipment Purchase

City Councilor Cynthia Borrego met with Commander Burke and Lieutenant Sanders, leaders at APD’s Crimes Against Children Unit, and they described a backlog of cases their unit was tackling. Though additional officers and technicians are a consistent need, Lieutenant Sanders described CACU working under an additional pressure, to address crimes such as internet exploitation and track cases through state and national systems, the CACU requires exceptional technology.

“The cases CACU detectives investigate are extremely difficult,” said Lieutenant Sanders. “They take a well-trained detective and equipment to complete. The funds secured by Councilor Cynthia Borrego and her fellow councilors for modern computer equipment were much needed. The funds helped purchase high end laptops, docking stations, and monitors. This setup has now enabled CACU detectives to function at high efficiency in the office and the field, allowing them access to their computer anywhere they are. I want to sincerely thank all the councilors for providing this valuable resource to support Mayor Keller’s ongoing effort to tackle crimes against children.”

In an effort to provide this vital unit with upgraded and top of the line equipment, Councilor Borrego called on her fellow Councilors to consider contributing District set-aside funding to CACU for the purchase of 9 upgraded computers.  Without hesitation, all nine Councilors contributed the amount of $1,563 to provide the upgrades for CACU.

Councilor Brook Bassan added, “The work that these officers do is incredibly difficult. They need and deserve the best equipment to keep our community safe and I can’t thank them enough for their tireless efforts.”

“I’m proud to continue the efforts lead by my predecessor, Councilor Sanchez,” said Councilor Lan Sena. “He championed efforts to keep our community’s children healthy and safe and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with CACU to protect children.”

The $14,000 provided by Councilors from their Set-Aside accounts, bought 9 upgraded computers for the Crimes Against Children Unit.