City Councilor Cynthia Borrego and APD Northwest Area Command Unveil New Equipment to Assist in Reducing Crime and Speeding

Equipment includes two real time crime center video trailers, two speed trailers, and six laptops.

On Tuesday, July 9, 2019, City Council Vice-President Cynthia D. Borrego joined Albuquerque Police Department’s Northwest Area Commander Donovan Olvera to unveil the newest, state-of-the art equipment to deter crime in northwest Albuquerque.

Council Vice-President Cynthia Borrego and Commander Olvera worked together to purchase the equipment that includes: two Speed Trailers, two Real Time Crime Center Video Trailers (RTCC), and six laptops with supporting equipment.

“The addition of the new equipment purchased by Councilor Borrego plays a major role in our efforts to decrease crime and increase visibility within our area command” said Commander Olvera.

The Real Time Crime Center Video Trailers serve as multi-faceted crime fighting tools. These video trailers capture live video in problem areas and relay property theft and other violent crime information back to APD. The Speed Trailers assist APD in addressing speeding issues as they capture and store data, including peak time data for speeding.  The information gives APD the ability to target deployment of enforcement officers at peak violation times and locations. The Northwest Area Command’s new laptops are utilized by Impact Detectives, allowing detectives to investigate and write up warrants on scene and in the community instead of traveling back to their APD offices.

“Since I was elected into office, working with our public safety leadership has been my top priority. APD and I worked together to utilize District 5 Set-Aside funds to provide officers with the latest equipment,  to assist them in being more effective and efficient in reducing crime” said Councilor Borrego.

Funding for the new state-of-the art  equipment came from District 5 Set-Aside funds, totaling $155,504.00; $118,530 for two RTCC Video Trailers, $20,000 for six laptops and supporting equipment, and $16,974 for two Speed Trailers.

NW Area Command Equipment Press Conference