City Councilor Cynthia Borrego Acknowledged Senior and Youth Volunteer Efforts to Beautify Neighborhood

Ms. Jaden Ortiz and Mr. Bob Slagle rebuilt neighborhood signs in Shenandoah Neighborhood

Today, City Councilor Cynthia Borrego recognized Mr. Bob Slagle and Ms. Jaden Ortiz for their volunteer efforts in the Shenandoah neighborhood.

Ms. Jaden Ortiz and Mr. Bob Slagle identified the disrepair of signs announcing the Shenandoah neighborhood.  As a local woodworker, Mr. Slagle put the word out to his neighbors that he was willing to rebuild the signs if a modal could be located. Mr. Charles Ortiz, a long-time neighborhood resident, sought out Mr. Slagle to repair the signs and asked his talented granddaughter Ms. Jaden Ortiz, a high school student to repaint the signs. Mr. Bob Slagle and Ms. Jaden Ortiz rebuilt and painted the two Shenandoah neighborhood signs located in District 5 with no thought toward compensation.

Councilor Borrego presented Ms. Jaden Ortiz a check in the amount of $250 for her college fund in recognition of her and Mr. Slagle’s efforts to maintain the Shenandoah neighborhood’s sense of identity and pride and at Mr. Slagle’s request.

Sofia Sanchez, ABQ Volunteers Coordinator from Mayor Tim Keller’s Office, presented Mr. Slagle and Ms. Ortiz with certificates of appreciation.

“I am excited to involve our communities’ youth and senior volunteers in artistic solutions to District 5’s infrastructure failings; thereby, elevating older development’s to their original appearance” said City of Albuquerque Councilor Cynthia D. Borrego.