City Council President Cynthia D. Borrego Statement as Newly Elected Council President

Councilor Borrego was elected President at January 4, 2021 City Council Meeting.

January 7, 2021

I look forward to moving into 2021 with a positive, cooperative approach as we begin a new year in the environment of this new normal. In cooperation with the Administration, I would like Albuquerque City Council to work on a common vision for our City, which creates a healthy economic recovery for Albuquerque, and motivates us all to come together in the spirit of unity and community. We are a unique metropolis, a place where neighbors help each other rise up and support each other and each other’s families. We are a City where we choose to offer a hand to pull each other up toward a common vision, or goal.

The events that transpired at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. yesterday, demonstrate people's disconnection to government.  We as Americans can work to bring unity back to our local government and government at all levels. Albuquerque can endeavor to make this difficult moment in history a remembrance of honor, and not dishonor, and strive to better ourselves and help our neighbors. The choice is ours.

I will work to ensure that we aspire to achieve that honor in our local government and aim to deliver integrity in our government. The Albuquerque City Councilors stand together to protect the integrity of our democracy and took an oath to safeguard the protection and stability of our community.

As I begin my role as your newly elected City Council President, I will continue to ensure these commitments are met to the best of our local government's ability for each of you.  I will work to protect and unite our great City as we move forward into the future.


Cynthia D. Borrego, MPA

City Council President, District 5

Office: (505) 768-3100