City Council President Cynthia D. Borrego and Albuquerque Fire Rescue Distribute PPE to District 5 Businesses at Cottonwood Mall Event

Local small businesses received Council funded PPE Kits.

April 20, 2021

Today, District 5 City Council President Cynthia Borrego and Albuquerque Fire Rescue led the effort to distribute Personal Protection Equipment to District 5 businesses in a drive through event at Cottonwood Mall.

“I am committed to delivering the Personal Protection Kits funded by Albuquerque City Council into the hands of local businesses where they will be used to support our local market places for safe reopening.  A mass dispersal of PPE will ensure business owners across District 5 will be able to receive these essential COVID prevention supplies, “said Council President Borrego.

 PPE Distribution with Councilor Borrego

Captain Martin Salazar and Council President Cynthia Borrego organized today’s Cottonwood Mall mass PPE business distribution event in cooperation with Cottonwood Mall. District 5 Councilor Borrego and a team of firefighters handed out PPE at the drive through event.

“Albuquerque Fire Rescue continues to work with Council President Borrego and our community partners to protect our City’s businesses and their customers.  We would like to acknowledge the role of Cottonwood Mall management that made this PPE distribution possible by providing the location,” stated Captain Salazar.  

Funding for the PPE was approved in two bills last summer by Albuquerque City Council.  Council President Cynthia Borrego sponsored a Floor Amendment to O-20-24 F/S to provide an additional $1,000,000 for personal protection and other required COVID-19 supplies for local businesses with 50 employees or less. R-20-64, sponsored by City Councilor Klarissa Peña, appropriated $125,000 to provide PPE to local small businesses.