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12th & Menaul Project

Update: Design will be complete this fall, after which phasing will be determined based on available funding.

Improvement Efforts

At the time that Councilor Benton took office in District 2, this project had been underway for a number of years. It is largely triggered by the ongoing development of the Indian Pueblo Development Corporation (IPDC) site as an office an commercial center. With the additional activity, both 12th St. and Menaul Blvd. traffic operating performance will be affected. At peak hour, especially in the evening, the projected performance of the existing is very poor. This takes into consideration the build-out of the development. The City and the IPDC have agreed upon changes to the streets and intersection that will result in a high performance level at all times, while improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities. These improvements are consistent with the City’s new Complete Streets Ordinance, which was unanimously approved by the Council and signed by Mayor Berry. The City is hopeful the improvements will make daily life better for residents and help make the development a success that provides services to the downtown and valley neighborhoods.