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Protecting Bees, Birds & Butterflies

Efforts underway to create a Bee City USA designation for Albuquerque.

Councilor Benton's office has been working with the New Mexico Beekeeper Association to create a BEE CITY USA designation for Albuquerque. This is a pollinator-friendly designation and will help necessary beneficial insects. We need your help as we collaborate with the City of Albuquerque to find alternative solutions, to reduce chemicals sprayed in our public zones. The City continues to work towards an Integrated Pest Management System, paying attention to how they use chemicals near beekeepers and important habitat.

But backyard sprayers continue to create the biggest problem for pollinators. Many over the counter backyard sprays contain neonicotinoids which cause honeybee kills. Since our food system relies on bees for over 70% of our foods, we need a change of mind and habit in how we view our ecosystem.

Most "weeds" in your yard—from dandelions in the spring to chamisa in the fall are delicious flowering food for most pollinators. Roundup and insecticides in effect sterilize soil, destroy habitat and poison water sources, creating insect resistance over time. All of this causes poor soil health and pollinator deaths. Perhaps we need to begin to see our neighbor green spaces differently here in the Southwest and tolerate less "manicured" backyards and open spaces, while improving soil and planting native plants.

More Information

If you would like a representative from the NM Beekeepers to come and speak with your neighborhood association or civic group about pollinator health and safety and alternative ways to deal with pests and "weeds", please email [email protected] or call (505)514-4982.