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Laun-Dry Supply Co. Clean Up Update from State Representative Javier Martinez

Message from Rep. Javier Martinez

I hope all is well. I recently communicated with Ms. Michelle Hunter from the NM Environment Dept. regarding the Laun-Dry Supply Co. clean up plan. Below is her response;

"We have sampled three houses and have gotten permission to sample one more. We are anticipating Laun-dry’s Final Site Investigation Report (FSIR) within the month. This will close out the Stage 1 Abatement Plan designation as soon as we approve it. Once that is complete, Laun-dry must submit a Stage 2 Abatement Plan which is the official “cleanup plan.”

This submission will trigger a public notice. As soon as Laun-dry has submitted the FSIR, I will let you know; I’m sure that it could turn into a large public meeting.

We also anticipate that the results from the indoor air sampling (BTW - our split samples were “clean”) will be included in the FSIR."

According to NMED, initial sampling of homes in the area show that people ARE NOT likely being exposed, which is good news. Nonetheless, this is all very preliminary and there will be more information soon.

Our state and local delegation will continue to stay on top of this issue.

Javier Martínez - NM State Representative