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District 2 Newsletter

October 13, 2017 Newsletter from City Councilor Isaac Benton
October 13, 2017

Hello Neighbors,

The next City Council meeting is Monday, October 16 at 5:00 pm in the Vincent Griego Chambers, basement level of City Hall:  Agenda

Legislation of Interest

  • Integrated Development Ordinance - IDO:  After four hearings at the LUPZ committee, the IDO will have the first of at least two hearings, including public comment, in front of the full Council Monday, October 16.  You can review the IDO draft as well as the approved LUPZ committee amendments online.  Written comments are still be taken and considered for amendments to the IDO.
Send written comments to Crystal Ortega, Council Clerk:
By mail: P.O. Box 1293, Albuquerque NM 87103

The legislative process always includes amendments, and anything of this magnitude will have many.  Indeed, the IDO and zoning in general are complicated, but the existing system is even more complicated and problematic.  Importantly, and unlike the current outdated zoning system, the IDO (as does our Comprehensive Plan) will have strong provisions for ongoing public discussion and improvement processes. 

As co-sponsor, I strongly believe that we need to move forward on this legislation rather than adding to the already heavy load of issues that the new mayor will take on. As Councilor Diane Gibson stated recently, “I think if we wait until it’s perfect, we’ll be waiting a long time.” 

Upcoming Events

Community Discussion Thursday, November 9, 6-8PM  Heights Community Center

Over the summer, the comments received during the weeklong series of “Central Good to Great” workshops have been compiled into a draft document ready for review & comment now.

Join us for a community consultation with a diverse group of people to discuss the draft, what’s most important to you, what’s missing and how together we can make this emerging plan reflect community priorities you help set and where it can go from here to guide City investments and decision making to make this part of the city even greater!


  • Project List
  • 12th & Sawmill:  Construction of this long-awaited project is scheduled to begin October 23!
  • 14th & Lomas Bike Blvd Crossing:  This project is currently being engineered.
  • Santa Barbara Martineztown Pedestrian Improvements:  The study is underway, with a public meeting to follow.  Installation of lighting at the Edith underpass is scheduled to begin November 16.
  • Rio Grande Boulevard Complete Street Test Project:  The final report of the monitoring study for the test project is complete (click here to read).  As the study concluded that traffic speeds were reduced without significant impact on traffic operations, the consultant will complete plans for a permanent configuration of three lanes.  Some “tweaks” to the existing configuration will be made based on observations and comments from the public, the City’s traffic engineers and the consultant.  We are working to coordinate resurfacing of the street, which was previously postponed, with installation of the permanent striping plan.

Community Announcements/Resources

Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2