District 2 Newsletter

March 2, 2019 Newsletter from City Councilor Isaac Benton


  • R-19-122 Establishing a Downtown Safe Zone (Benton) will be on the agenda for the Monday, March 4 Council meeting.  This resolution stablishes a boundary for a walkable downtown core with a maximum 20 mph speed limit. The zone also consolidates information in an attachment for several existing policies and plans, clarifying existing and future multi-modal projects. Lomas Boulevard is the northern boundary of the zone, but itself is not within the zone and remains at 30 mph. 

    Pedestrians have a 90% survival rate is when hit by car at 20 mph; the pedestrian survival rate is only 50% at a 30 mph car speed.  The 20 mph zone emphasizes that the naturally-slow speeds of the Downtown core make cycling and walking an exceptionally safe activity within its limits. 
  • O-19-48 Limiting the Use of Single-Use Plastics and Polystyrene (Benton, Davis, Gibson, Borrego) was deferred for 90 days (until May) to allow for the requested Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) to be conducted.  Click here for a fact sheet on the proposed ordinance. 
  • O-18-23 Amending the Police Oversight Board Ordinance (Benton, Winter) will be heard again at the March 18 Council meeting for discussion and public comment.  This is a relatively minor update of the existing ordinance, which in my opinion has been working quite well.  We are actively having discussions with advocacy organizations, the police union, and community members. I encourage you to follow the progress and participate.

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Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2