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District 6 NeighborWoods Program Application

Apply today for the Albuquerque NeighborWoods Program.
If 100 free street trees and 100 free small trees sound good for your neighborhood - join South San Pedro, Trumbull Village, Elder Homestead, University Heights, Victory Hills, and all previous recipients of the ABQ NeighborWoods Grant – Apply Today!!
Applications must be received by May 10, 2021 for the fall/winter planting.
Program Information:
  • Neighborhood Association Requirements:
    • Need a group of around 5 lead volunteers to help us drive the project
    • Need as many volunteers as possible to plant the trees
    • Need help finding homes for the 100 street trees
  • Additional Information:
    • Want to create an impact with clusters of trees.  We can plant anywhere within 20 feet back from the street (front and side yards are ok in some cases!)
    • There are usually 8+ varieties of street trees that will be available
    • Property owners must sign for the trees and Tree-Bates will be available.
The NeighborWoods Grant is brought to you through a partnership with City Councilor Pat Davis and Tree New Mexico.
Project Coordinator Contact Information
Neighborhood Information

* This is a long-term and periodically intense commitment for neighborhood community members.

We require established neighborhood organizations with at least five interested members.

Long-Term Watering, Maintenance & Monitoring

** Each property owner receiving a tree will be required to sign an agreement with the City of Albuquerque
regarding the maintenance and watering of the tree.