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4th Annual Burque Bee City Pollination Celebration

Information about the 4th Annual Burque Bee City Pollination Celebration

View information shared during the 2020 Pollination Celebration celebrating Pollinator Week! National Pollinator Week is an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats, and beetles. It is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them.

In 2016, the Albuquerque City Council unanimously approved Albuquerque as the first Bee City USA in the Southwest - Burque Bee City.

The Open Space Visitor Center and Albuquerque Bees Center manage hives at that are used for teaching students of New Mexico state certified beekeeping program.

Video: 4th Annual Pollination Celebration Welcome Message

Exploring Wild Bees in New Mexico

View Facebook Livestream and Q&A

Join Dr. Olivia Carril for an exploration of New Mexico's beautiful native bees! Within the state of New Mexico there exist some 1000 bee species, including solitary and social bees, large and small ones, common and rare species, and bees for every season! Through photos and short videos, Dr. Carril will introduce participants to the lives of some of the many wild bees that can be found in the state. Learn about different nesting habits, flower preferences, and the best times of year to see some of the more common bee species in the state.

Video: It Takes Two to Tango: Attraction, Deception, and Mutualism between Native Plants and their Pollinators (5pm)

The co-evolution of plants and pollinators has created both subtle and amazing adaptations in each. Alissa and Maria will talk about plant-pollinator adaptations, why native plants are important to support this relationship, and some of the best native plants that attendees can select for their backyard habitats.

Video: DIY Terrarium

This is a fun activity for any age! Making your own terrarium really helps any vegetables, flowers, or other plants get started. It is also a wonderful way to explain the importance of water, sunshine, soil, and love for any plant!

All About Pollinators for Kids!


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Can you name all *8* animal pollinators? Want to learn how to identify them when they’re buzzing by? Join Wild Friends educator Sara Van Note to learn about the amazing animal pollinators zooming through our backyards and neighborhoods! Sing a song and learn fun activities you can do at home. Great for ages 5-9.

Video: Pollinators in Decline: Why it Matters & What We Can Do!

Anna Walker is the Species Survival Officer for Invertebrate Pollinators here at the Albuquerque BioPark where she works to assess the conservation status of certain insect groups on the IUCN Red List of threatened species.

Video: Virtual Pollinator Tour of the Botanic Garden

With Jason Schaller, Entomologist, CABQ BioPark and Maria Thomas, Curator of Plants, CABQ BioPark. Jason and Maria will give a guided tour of the Botanic Garden, identifying unusual native pollinators and the plants they pollinate along the way.

Video: Pollen Friends Kids Corner!

Bee ready for one-of-a-kind kid jokes! Move like a bee with the Waggle Dance game! Help your plants and pollinators with a Compost Activity! The ABQ BioPark and BioPark campers will lead families through learning and fun!

Video: DIY Natural Weed Spray

This natural weed spray is a great activity for all ages! Use common household items to eliminate the use of chemical weed sprays to ensure a healthy pollinator population in your yard!

Video: Hands in the Bee Hive! With Q&A

Follow Amy Owen as she takes us inside the honeybee hive where she manages the honeybee hives at the Open Space Visitor Center on Coors. Learn about the structure of honeybee hives in two very different hives: Langstroth and Topbar hives. We will learn about honeybee communities, their social behavior, task specialization, and unique traits and qualities of apis mellifera. You will learn about the life cycle of honeybee hives, what is impacting their health these days and how you can support them in your backyard! This will be followed by a question and answer time. Bring your most burning honeybee questions!

Video: Harvesting Consciousness: Food, Honeybees, & Watersheds with Q&A

Watch the documentary, “Harvesting Consciousness” about the interconnectedness of our Rio Grande watershed, honeybees and our food system. In 2018, Think Like a Bee created a series of Watershed documentaries, featuring local farmers and indigenous leaders. Learn what bees need for healthy habitat and how to think like a bee as you become more connected with your watershed!

Pollinators on the Nightshift: Moths and More!

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Want to know more about pollination after dark? Join Kaitlin Haase for a presentation on pollinators of the night - moths, bats, beetles, flies, and more! Kaitlin will talk about the ecology, diversity, and importance of these nocturnal pollinators and how you can help support them.

Video: Honeybees in the Garden & Bee Craft

Watch Lara Lovell as she takes you on a tour in her own backyard showing the favorite native wildflower plants loved by bees! Lara is a nine-year veteran honeybee keeper extraordinaire in Albuquerque's South Valley who removes bees who have taken up residence in the wrong places. Lara will also lead children and families through some fun and simple art projects for pollinators. You won’t want to miss this hour with Lara!

Video: Tour of the Open Space Visitor Center

Join permaculturalist Peter Callen on a virtual tour at the Open Space Visitor Center of the Common Edge Garden. Peter will dive into what it takes to transition a space from desert to oasis for native plants and the pollinators they support. Open Space staff will also present the vibrant landscape and wildlife around the Visitor Center with tips for one’s backyard garden.