Albuquerque Public Art Program Seeks Artist Feedback to Learn More About the Local Creative Economy

Artist and a fabricator surveys will help the Public Art Program to better serve artists.

September 2, 2022 - 

The City of Albuquerque's Public Art Program staff has developed an Artist Survey to learn how to better serve and better engage artists who contribute to Albuquerque’s creative community, using a fair and equitable process. The survey for public artists, artists interested in working in public art, and non-public artists can be found here

The Artist Survey is based on the Office of Public Art and the City of Pittsburgh’s Public Art and Civic Design Division’s survey of regional artists to compare how artists in similar sized cities, in different parts of the United States, work in and engage with public art. 

The Artist Survey questions are available on the City’s website so that the questions can be translated using the Google Translate function of the website.

Public Art Program staff have also developed a Fabricator Survey to learn more information about local fabrication companies. The Public Art Program often pairs artists and fabricators together to help realize the artist’s vision for a public art project. Fabricators can fill out the Fabricator Survey and let the Public Art Program know about their company and the services they provide here.

Artists interested in completing the Artist Survey can find here. Fabricators interested in completing the Fabricator Survey can find it here.