Welcome Walls at the KiMo Theatre

Calling artists to submit proposals to add new murals to the stairwells of the backstage area.

The City of Albuquerque's Department of Arts and Culture is accepting proposals for temporary murals or temporary art installations to be applied to walls that welcome performers at the Historic KiMo Theatre in Downtown Albuquerque. 

Local artists are encouraged to submit a proposal for art that depicts Albuquerque's vibrant and diverse culture. 

The project includes a variety of walls in the stairwells where an artist's work will be featured. 

Interested artists should submit a proposal today! 

To schedule an appointment to view the walls, contact [email protected]

West Wall HL Entrance to Dimmer Room  East Wall Stage Right Door to Tower 1  West Wall Tower Dressing Room 1 to Mezz Steps

West Wall Mezz Steps to Mezz Entrance  East Wall Mezz Entrance to 1st Fly Rail Door  East Mezz steps to Tower 2

South Wall Tower 2  West Wall Steps from Tower 2 to Amp Room  East Wall Amp Room to 2nd Fly Rail Door 


Additional artist opportunity: Artists also interested in submitting a proposal for Welcome Walls in City Hall can discover more information and apply today