Audio Technical Details

Details of the current audio equipment at the KiMo Theatre

Orchestra PA:

4-EV 1183/64 X-Array Cabinets

2-EV 1191 Subs

Powered by EV Precision Series Amplifiers

EV DX38 processing

Front Fill 2 EV Fri2082


Balcony PA:

8-EV XLC-127 Line Array

Powered by EV Precision Series Amplifiers

EV DX38 processing



Yamaha M7CL48-ES

Yamaha LS9-32 with ES-100 expansion cards




Powered by 5-QSC PLX-3402


Wired Microphone Inventory:

2-AKG 451

1-AKG D112

1-Audio Technica ATM-63

1-Audio Technica U8757QL

5- Audio Technica U853A

4-Crown PCC160

4-Sennheiser MD-421II

2-Sennheiser MD-431

11-Shure SM58

7- Shure SM57

6- Shure SM81

1- Shure SM91

4- Shure Beta 87A

3- Shure Beta 87C


Wireless Microphone Inventory:

6-ULXP Wireless recievers

6-ULX SM58 Handheld

2-ULX1 Bodypack with Clip on Lav

2-ULX1 Bodypack with Countryman E2

2-Audio Technica AT-3000 Recievers

2-Audio Technica Wireless Handheld

2-Audio Technica Wireless Clip on Lav



4-Countryman DT85

4-Rapco DB-100

2-DOD 260


Microphone Stands:

16-K&M Tall Boom Stand

5-K&M Stackable Straight Stand

10-K&M Short Boom Stand

4-K&M Medium Boom Stand

4-K&M Short Straight Stand


Microphone Cables:

10-Whirlwind MKQ 6’

25-Whirlwing MKQ-10’

25-Whirlwind MKQ-25’

5-Whirlwind MKQ 50’


Sub Snakes:

1-Whirlwind 12 channel 25’

1-Whirlwind 12 channel 50’

1-Whirlwind 6 channel 25’

1-Whirlwind 6 channel 50’