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Site Plan Resources

Examples and resources regarding special event site plans.


 Renaissance Fair Layout Example


The following is a list of minimum requirements that your site plan should meet:

Property Overview:

  • Show locations of structures, fire lanes, streets, alleys and fencing.
  • Fencing or barricades must indicate locations of exits and gates.
  • Show the foot print of any building, location of building exists, sidewalks and pathways.

Provide a key that indicates:Layout Example 1

  • The direction of north (as a reference)
  • What areas will be used for the event
  • special notes applicable to the event.
  • Street names

Provide details of the layout:

  • Location of tents or temporary structures including dimensions
  • Food trucks, vendors and merchandise areas
  • Size and location of any stages
  • First Aid Stations
  • Security Posts
  • Public toilets if available
  • Location of Dumpster
  • Open fire pits, chile roasters, BBQ grills and reliable water source
  • Generators, safety perimeter, 3A40BC size fire extinguisher and fencing area
  • Seating area if any
  • Any other specific details of the layout for the event