Albuquerque Arts Alliance

Information about Bravo Awards and recipients who received it between 1985 and 2008.

Starting in 1985, the Albuquerque Arts Alliance- an organization dedicated to promoting Albuquerque’s creative community through many different avenues- designed and staged the annual Bravo Awards to both honor and highlight the significant contributions of the countless outlets of expression, education, and contribution to the arts. With categories such as “Outstanding Arts Organization”, “Outstanding Volunteer of the Year”, and “Outstanding Contribution to Arts in Education”- including several others- organizations, businesses, and individuals were celebrated by the Albuquerque Arts Alliance, an organization made up by their own peers, for their enrichment of the arts community in Albuquerque. This coming together to publicly recognize the efforts of the arts strengthened the community as a whole. The mission of the Arts Alliance’s Bravo Awards remained largely the same through the year 2008 with only slight changes throughout that time of the award categories, and the members of the Arts Alliance in charge.

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Moncor Bank
Juba Clayton
Ray Graham
Moses Zeber and Patti Harrell Hoech
Terry Moore
The First National Bank
Casa Armijo Community Center


Bill Hayden
Diane Bonnell
First National Bank
David Steinberg
Rick Johnson & Co.
Beth Rudolph
Public Services Company of New Mexico


Marge Armijo
Roy Bidwell
Garcias: Toyota City
Hetzel Auction Associates
Patty Snead
Laura Threet
Albuquerque Living Magazine


Cibola High School Drama Department
Lee Connor
Cleta Honeyman Downey
Wilson Hurley
Montain Bell Foundation
Sara Otto- Diniz
La Compañia de Teatro de Alburquerque


UNM College of Fine Arts
Dale Kempter
New Mexico Arts & Craft Fair
Betty Sabo
Neal Stulberg


Robert Hartung


Albuquerque Public Schools Art in the Open-Janet Kahn and Peter Fitzpatrick
David Chavez
Lillian Dolde
June Leonard
Pamela and Don Michaelis
Jane Sprague


Albuquerque Art Board
John Baggerly
Leonard Felberg
Working Classroom
J.W. Madison
Keleher & McLeod


Gordon Church
Frank McCulloch
Linda Putnam Johnson And Anne Gordon
Evangeline Quintana
The Vortex Theater


Diane and Herbert Denish
Robin Lindquist
Roger Melone
New Mexico Jazz Workshop; director Jim Williams
David Velasquez


George Anselevicius
Escuela Del Sol Montessori, Inc
Jo Kaestner
Armando "Chuy" Martinez
New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
Once Upon a Rhyme Drama Series- Sandia Prep
George Pearl


Fay & Jonathan Abrams
Phil And Barbara Bock
"Marat-Sade" UNM Rodey Theater Productions
Joy Harjo
Christmas Joy Performers Ballet and Jazz Company Florence Pierce
Ellen McCullough-Brabson


Bill Evans Dance Company
Barbara Grothus
Kate Horsley
Nancy Kozikowski
David Lockington
Susan Pearson-Davis
"Seasons of Love" Highland Theater


Richard Currey
The Eyeliners Music Excellence
Paul Ford
Lois Hall
Robert Hooton
Justine Krueger
Celia Dale
The Albuquerque Public School Board of Education


Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program, Inc
Performers Ballet and Jazz Company
Carl Alongi
Harwood Art Center and Plan B Evolving Arts "Vehicle: Art and Transportation in New Mexico"
Gene Frumkin
New Mexico Symphonic Chorus
Miguel Caro Zaragoza
Angie Torres
Albuquerque Civic Light Opera


Tony Hillerman
Keshet Dance Company
Nancy Luecke
Marty Ronish


Rudolfo Anaya
Bruce J. Barber ll
Tom Dodson
Eva Encinias-Sandoval
La Luz Contemporary Latino Art in the United States, National Hispanic Cultural Center
Jackie McGehee
New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
Outpost Productions, In. / Outpost Performancec Space
Ann Ryan
Cricket Appel
Tony Hillerman


Albuquerque Little Theater
Musica Antigua De Albuquerque
Jim Morley
National Dance Institute/ Albuquerque Program
The Tamarind Institute
Judith Van Gieson
Volunteers at KUNM FM
Judith Chazin-Bennahum
New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Kevin Hagen


Rahim Alhaj
Bill Evans Dance Company
Lee Francis, PhD
Music Is Instrumental Friends of Music, Classical KHFM 95.5, Well Fargo Bank and Albuquerque Public Schools Fine Arts Program
Sheilah Purcell-Garcia
Rainbow Artists
Louise Loomis
Tricklock Company
"Music is Instrumental"


Adobe Theater
James Bratcher
Lana Kroth
James Linnell
Mary Carroll Nelson
Bart Prince
Joe Simon Sando
VSA Arts of New Mexico
Karen Turner


Page Coleman
Katherine Fishback
Mary Montaño
New Grounds Print Workshop
Rick Nickerson
David Oberg
Michael "Mickey" Prokopiak
Jane and Doug Swift
John Trevor


Mary Ann Weems
Janet Kahn
V.B Price
Bernalillo County 1% for Public Art Program
Corrales Cultural Art Council
National Poetry Slam
Jennifer Predock-Linnell
UNM University Chorus
Helen R. Lucero


Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library System Summer Reading Program
Kip Allen
Pamela and Victor Chavez
Victor Izay
Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez and the National Hispanic Cultural Center Education Program
New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair
OFFCenter Community Arts Project
Zoo Music Concert Series


Albuquerque Museum of Art and History's Docent Program
Max Evans
SouthWest Writers
Suzanne M. Johnston
Ann Lerner
Barbara Lohbeck
Salomé Martínez-Lutz
Michiko Masuda Pierce
Alan Paine Radebaugh's Solo Show: "Mass: Off Our World"