Aquarium Theater

Beautiful and challenging films about our ocean and how we can all help the animals that call the water home.

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Sunday - Bag it
What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effects on waterways and oceans. We see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up to us and what we can do about it. Today. Right now. (60 minutes)

Monday - In Hot Water
Host Peter Benchley takes us to the frozen pack ice of the Arctic, the temperate wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay and the tropical islands of the South Pacific to see the dramatic impacts of climate change, how it relates to the oceans, and why the whole world is feeling the effect. Find out what individual actions you can take to make smarter more energy efficient choices. (24 minutes)

Tuesday - Seasons of the Otter

Otters are so proficient at capturing the fish they live on, that they have lots of time left over for play. They seem to play with reckless abandon, sliding down steep canyons in deep snow, swimming under the ice in Yellowstone Lake. They submerge us into the lake to find strange underwater spires only recently discovered by man. Other creatures sometimes survive bitter winter seasons by stealing fish from the otter. Actually, they're pretty good at defending themselves, and this program catches some astonishing action between them, coyotes, eagles, beaver, even an occasional grizzly bear. (80 minutes)

Wednesday - Coral Sea Dreaming
This breathtaking film is a celebration of coral reefs and a tribute to these vanishing treasures. Award-winning cinematographer David Hannan captured its high-definition sequences during thousands of dives on the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and the reefs of Papua New Guinea’s Coral Triangle. (84 minutes) The DVD is also available for purchase in the Aquarium Gift Shop.

Thursday - Call of the Ancient Mariner

A new documentary film by David Weintraub taking the viewer on a fascinating exploration of sea turtles and human culture. Thousands of cultures have been captivated by this iconic creature making the turtle their totem, their deity, their inspiration for wisdom, fertility and longevity. (1h 17 minutes)

Friday - One River Many Voices
Narrated by Gene Hackman, this film tells the story of the people and wildlife that depend on the Rio Grande for life-giving water. Get ready for a trip down the Rio Grande, New Mexico’s liquid link to the sea. (9 minutes)

Saturday - End of the Line
Imagine an ocean without fish. Imagine your meals without seafood. This is the future if we do not stop, think and act. The End of the Line is a powerful documentary about the devastating effect of overfishing and the profound implications of a future world with no fish. (54 minutes)