Model Release Form

A model release is required for any photos containing recognizable individuals.

Submit an electronic model release below, or download a printable Model Release Form.

The following person does hereby consent to the photographing/videotaping of him/herself and does hereby authorize the City of Albuquerque, through its agents, to cause the photos and/or video recording to be exhibited.

The following person releases the City of Albuquerque/ABQ BioPark and the employees, advisors, consultants and any other person authorized by the aforementioned groups/organizations from any and all liability and claims for damage for libel, slander, invasion of the right of privacy or any other claims based on the use of the above described material and to work with the above described materials in any way they deem appropriate.

It is understood that any videotaping/photographing that is done of the following individual is done of free will and will not have any compensation attached unless further documents are signed. By submitting this form, I agree to allow the City of Albuquerque/ABQ BioPark and their agents to use my voice and image, electronic and/or print, and all reproductions of such, in any manner they deem appropriate including but not limited to broadcast both in the state of New Mexico and outside the state of New Mexico. I hereby give permission to the Albuquerque Biological Park to use my name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.

If individual is under 18: