Blaney Collection Transcripts

A listing of transcripts of the Blaney Collection (PA2019.068) at the Albuquerque Museum Photo Archives


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These radio programs are part of the Blaney Collection (PA2019.068) at the Albuquerque Museum Photo Archives. They are recordings aired on KMYR and KDEF radio stations in the 1970s in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Zane Blaney was the producer of the programming and also the donor of the recordings to the Museum.

Content notice: Some of the topics discussed may be difficult for some listeners. Views and opinions expressed in these radio programs do not necessarily reflect the views of Albuquerque Museum or the City of Albuquerque.

Collections Number Topic / PDF Transcript YouTube Link for Audio
PA2019-068-001 Public Affair Writers
PA2019-068-002 The Rapist
PA2019-068-003 The Victim
PA2019-068-004 Marilyn Haft
PA2019-068-006 Navajo Country
PA2019-068-007 New Mexicos Billion Dollar Ripoff
PA2019-068-008 Georgelle Durcan Story and Poor Mans Friend
PA2019-068-009 Environmental Update with Peter Montague
PA2019-068-010 Ralph Schoenman
PA2019-068-011 Albuquerque Poets
PA2019-068-013 The Dean Tapes
PA2019-068-014 Woman's Revolution
PA2019-068-015 The Mind of Man
PA2019-068-016 Analysis of 1975 State Legislature
PA2019-068-017 UPINMBA Awards Confrontation reel 2
PA2019-068-018 The Nicholas Johnson Tapes
PA2019-068-019 The Conrad Airship
PA2019-068-020 Vietnam Remembered
PA2019-068-021 UNM Elections and Whooping Cranes
PA2019-068-022 The Great Nuclear Power Debate Part 1
PA2019-068-023 The Great Nuclear Power Debate Part 2
PA2019-068-024 Midwifery
PA2019-068-025 New Mexico Resource Development