Georgette Endicott: Hay cosas sagradas: tierra, agua, vida

Seven Generations 2020

Georgette Endicott
lives Albuquerque
Hay cosas sagradas: tierra, agua, vida
lithograph on paper
22 x 14 in.
Albuquerque Museum, gift of Diane Palley, PC2020.34.1

The Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute was a conflict manufactured by the United States government in order to claim the coal-rich land around Big Mountain. A boundary was drawn across the land once shared by the Hopi and Navajo tribes, which led to the relocation of ten to thirteen thousand Diné and one hundred Hopi. The people of Big Mountain declared themselves a sovereign nation and resisted their forced relocation.

A fence was built along the partition, which cut off families who refused to leave from their traditional grazing lands. On September 4, 1979, Diné elder Katherine Smith fired a shot into the air as a sign of protest as she watched the fence builders at work. She was arrested but later released, and her image—represented on this calendar—became a popular symbol of Diné resistance to relocation.