Sani Scarf Worn by Members of the Red Nation

Seven Generations 2020

Sani Scarf Worn by Members of the Red Nation
cotton and dye
28 x 28 in.
lent by Nick Estes

The Red Nation is a Native-led organization fighting for Indigenous liberation from capitalism and colonialism. The group formed in 2014, and their members include educators, students, and community organizers. The “grandma” sani scarf has become an identifying article of clothing among members. The scarf honors the Big Mountain Navajo grandmothers who resisted US colonialism and the Zapatista women who fought against US neoliberal economic reforms in the Chiapas, Mexico.

In 2015, the Red Nation organized to successfully abolish Columbus Day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their direct actions also led to the University of New Mexico abandoning its official seal, which previously depicted a frontiersman and a conquistador, effectively erasing Indigenous history in the area. In 2017, the Red Nation also participated in demonstrations against the Entrada parade in Santa Fe, New Mexico.