"The Angry American Indian: Starting Down the Protest Trail"

Seven Generations 2020

“The Angry American Indian: Starting Down the Protest Trail”
February 9, 1970
TIME Magazine
lithograph on paper
20 x 13 in.
National Indian Youth Council Records (MSS 703 BC), Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections, University of New Mexico Libraries

Indians of All Tribes’ takeover of Alcatraz Island, in San Francisco Bay, in 1969 catapulted the Red Power movement into the national spotlight, and TIME Magazine took note. This article outlines some of the grievances of young activists, but calling them “angry” is somewhat misleading. While anger is often a driving force for action, stereotyping activists as “angry”—or identifying an entire group of people as “angry”—takes blame away from the perpetrators of violence and mistreatment and relieves them from accountability.