Unidentified Artist, Voces revolucionarias

Seven Generations 2020

Unidentified Artist
Voces revolucionarias
lithograph on paper
17 x 11 in.
Albuquerque Museum, gift of Diane Palley

El Taller Media was a nonprofit print-making collective in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They served as a resource center for the community and trained interested people in design, printing, and publishing. Much of the work they produced was educational, including this calendar from 1983. In an artist’s statement, the group writes that they created this calendar of “revolutionary voices” not so that these people can be idolized but so they can serve as an inspiration for the ways they fought and died to improve social and economic conditions.

Larry Casuse was featured on the March page of this calendar, ten years after he was shot to death on March 1, 1973. The artist collective featured him for his activism, which included being President of the University of New Mexico’s KIVA Club and for being a member of Indians Against Exploitation, which brought attention to the treatment of Native American people in Gallup, New Mexico.