Jason Garcia (Okuu Pín), Tewa Tales of Suspense, No. 34, Siege at Black Mesa!!

Seven Generations 2020

Jason Garcia (Okuu Pín)
Santa Clara
born 1973 Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico; lives Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico
Tewa Tales of Suspense, No. 34, Siege at Black Mesa!!
slip and earthen pigments on fired clay
11 ¼ × 9 1/8 in.
Albuquerque Museum, gift of Charles S. King

In New Mexico, the Red Power Movement began as early as the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. For nearly 150 years, Spanish colonizers had enslaved Pueblo people, taken over their lands, redirected their water sources, and attempted to convert them to Catholicism. In a united effort to expel the Spanish and reclaim their land, culture, and community, almost all of the 40 surviving Pueblo groups joined forces to overthrow their invaders. Activists of today still draw upon “the spirit of Po’pay,” the leader of the Pueblo Revolt.

In this Jason Garcia piece, he reimagines the warriors who defended Black Mesa from Spanish invaders in 1694 as superhero characters fighting evil invaders. His comic book-like style brings the past into the present day and reminds viewers that the people who fought in the Pueblo Revolt are heroes.