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Around We Go: Panoramas in Albuquerque

Opening March 30 - November 17, 2024

From multi-plate images to today’s smartphone panoramas, the panoramic format intrigues viewers with its distortion and large-scale views. Straight roads are curved, ponds widen into lakes, and buildings start to bend because the distance between the subject and the camera lens changes as the lens rotates. This makes the photographs look rounded, sometimes taking on a fish-eye quality. “Around We Go” features Cirkut prints, some encompassing a full 360-degree view, from the Albuquerque Museum’s photo archives, on view from March 30-November 17, 2024.

Around We Go Panaramas in Abq

Unknown Photographer, Bluher Farms, 1915, reproduction of a gelatin silver print, gift of unknown donor



Bluher Farm was one of several farms around Old Town in the early 20th Century and is now the site of Albuquerque Museum.