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Information about responder positions and applying to ACS.

Why join ACS?

ACS is a new and innovative department that is re-imagining public safety. Many 9-1-1 calls don’t require a gun and a badge; they require individuals like social workers and community health workers who can assess a situation and connect someone to services that can potentially save their life.

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As an ACS Responder, you have an opportunity to directly serve the people in our community in a unique and inspiring way. We are looking for people who have lived experience as well as backgrounds in social work, counseling, community health, peer support, and other social services. Most importantly, we are looking for people who care about their community, who see someone in need and jump into action to help.

Responders enjoy full-time City positions with competitive salaries, full benefits packages, and educational incentives. As a Responder, you receive comprehensive training and professional development opportunities.

“To help people who are often overlooked or forgotten, who don’t have anyone they can count on or talk to for support; to guide someone through what may be the toughest day of their life. I want to bridge the gaps within a broken system; to support the community in whatever way possible.”

-Walter on why he became a Behavioral Health Responder

Types of Responders

Behavioral Health Responders

BHRs work in pairs and respond in person or by phone to requests for assistance with individuals experiencing issues with mental and behavioral health, inebriation, homelessness, addiction, chronic mental illness as well as other issues that do not require police, fire or EMS response. These responders have education and experience in fields including social work, counseling, social services, health, and peer support, often having extensive familiarity with the resources and services available in our community. They focus on addressing any immediate crisis then connecting individuals to the services they need.

Salary: $27.3-$31.50/hr

View the full position description.

Community Responders

Community Responders provide support to community members in need of assistance related to inebriation, homelessness, addiction and mental health. They respond to minor injuries or incapacitation, abandoned vehicles, non-injury accidents, needle pickups, or other calls for service in the community.

Salary: $19.48-$20.48/hr

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Street Outreach and Resource Coordination Team

This team will provide street outreach in coordination with other City departments and community-based organizations to individuals experiencing homelessness in encampments; conduct in-person assessments; and assist with screening, organizing and prioritizing reports regarding homeless encampments. This team will play no role in code enforcement regarding encampments and will focus on connecting individuals to long-term services.

Community-Oriented Response & Assistance (CORA)

This team organizes outreach to communities affected by tragedy and violence in Albuquerque. CORA begins outreach within a 72-hour window after the incident; identifying the area affected, reaching out to community leaders, organizing a meeting or alternative method of outreach and connection. 

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Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) Clinicians

MCT Clinicians are independently licensed mental health professional who work in a team with a uniformed law enforcement office. MCTs co-respond to high-acuity mental and behavioral health emergencies. MCT clinicians provide professional behavioral health services to, de-escalate crises involving, and link individuals who are experiencing mental health emergencies to appropriate services in the community.

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How to apply

Apply to be a Responder through the City’s job site. Available positions are posted.

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As a first responder, be prepared to complete the following steps in addition to the standard City employee hiring process:

  • Complete a drug screen
  • Pass an APD background check
  • Undergo fingerprinting processes

Administrative Positions

If a responder position is not for you, you can still join ACS with an administrative role. Check the City job site for any open positions within ACS.

If you’re passionate about helping your community, this is your chance to use your experience and make a direct impact. 

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