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Where Do My Taxes Go?

City Spending

View the City budget.

City Checkbook

See City payments made to vendors since July 1, 2010

Vendors and Contracts

See which vendors have contracts with the City

Municipal Development Projects

Read about ongoing construction projects

Employee Earnings & PERA Rehires

  • Graded Employee Hourly Report
    This report represents the base hourly range for the grade of the employee. Base hourly range doesn't include compensation for items such as overtime, shift differential, bilingual pay, etc. Some employees may have a displayed range below the filter range you provided. This occurs when an employee is paid at a rate above the range for the grade they occupy.
  • Ungraded Employee Earnings Report
    These figures include wages, both regular and overtime, as well as longevity, shift differential, incentive pays, and other "special pays." These figures don't include reimbursements, such as mileage and clothing. Earnings displayed are calendar year-to-date as of the most recent pay date.
  • PERA Rehires now employed with the City

Annual Budget Reports

View approved City Budgets.