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ABQ Stories of Us

Learn about the City of Albuquerque's naming projects.

ABQ Stories of Us is a tribute to the extraordinary people, past and present, who have left an incredible mark on Albuquerque’s historical landscape. These are visionaries, central figures and inspirational leaders who have made significant contributions to the cultural, social and economic fabric of the city. This can include anyone that has made an impact on the people around them, whether it be through their work, personal lives or through their community involvement. We invite anyone to submit suggestions and ideas to support and shape this initiative, that recognizes real-world heroes to ensure their stories continue to inspire and inform future generations.

Recommend a Name Change

City of Albuquerque Naming Opportunities

  • Balloon Museum - Wall tiles can be personalized with you name and a message of honor or remembrance to a loved one. Tiles will be placed permanently in the Balloon Museum’s main entrance plaza for all to see.
  • BioPark Society - Sponsor your favorite animal, plant, fish or insect!
  • Community Centers and Center Rooms - Propose to name Community Centers and center rooms as a way to recognize legacies, and inspire future generations.
  • Fire Stations - Recognize heroes for their bravery and sacrifice reminding the community of work our Firefighters do every day. 
  • Library - The most important function of a Library building name is to help the citizens find the library building. This primary name should also maintain a sense of community.
  • Multigenerational Centers and Center Rooms - Offer suggestions for Multigenerational Centers and center rooms that help establish an age-friendly, inclusive and welcoming space.
  • Parks - Submit suggestions for renaming local parks to better reflect the park’s significance and meaning to the community. Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Parks Advisory Board is tasked with hearing requests and making recommendations related to the renaming of Parks within the City of Albuquerque. See the Advisory Board's policy on changing the names of City parks.
  • Parks Benches - Consider naming parks benches as a tribute, honor or memorial to recognize and celebrate the diverse history and culture of the community.
  • Parks Trees - Remember a loved one through the City of Albuquerque Tribute Tree Program or through the Dakota Tree Project’s Tree Dedication Program
  • Police Substations - Name a police substation recognizing those who have made significant contributions towards improving public safety, exhibited acts of bravery, or as a tribute to fallen heroes who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  
  • Senior Centers and Center Rooms - Name a Senior Center and center rooms that can spark a sense of pride among the older adults that utilize the facilities and services. 
  • Street Naming - Requested names will be screened against existing names and for compliance with the Ordinance governing the Naming and Changing Names of Streets (Council Bill O-198, Enactment Number 99-1983).   

City of Albuquerque Naming of Other Public Spaces

The ABQ Stories of Us naming project also encourages community members to offer their suggestions and recommendations for naming City of Albuquerque buildings, parks, and other public spaces. Please note that any proposals for naming city facilities could require City Council and/or advisory board approval before implementation.

We are seeking proposals that reflect the values and diversity of Albuquerque's community, encompassing its history, culture, and notable figures. You may suggest names for senior centers, multigenerational centers, parks, and many other public spaces within city facilities.

We encourage everyone's participation and look forward to making our City's public spaces more reflective and inclusive of the people who live, work, and play in our community.

Naming Policy

The City of Albuquerque will consider recommendations based on the following criteria: 

  • Currently, many naming opportunities have pre-existing requirements, and/or fees outlined in rules, regulations, Charter, etc. Where pre-existing requirements and/or fees exist, we have provided information or links to those.
  • The City of Albuquerque is actively seeking suggestions from the public regarding both additional naming opportunities of facilities, rooms, spaces, etc., and suggestions may be made for both the facility/space, etc., and the nominee, by submitting a form linked on this website.
  • Both spaces and nominees may be considered by the administration or the appropriate department, board, commission, etc.
  • Criteria for spaces for naming and nominees may be developed by the administration, department, board, commission, etc. and may include some of the following considerations:
    • Is the facility/space, etc., appropriate for naming
    • Has the nominee made a significant impact or contribution to the community
    • Is the nominee deceased, and if not, is the living nominee no longer a city employee or no longer serving in elected office
    • Does the naming or renaming of this facility/space, etc., require public input
    • Are or should there be fees associate with the naming of the proposed facility/space, etc., for installation or maintenance
    • Would the impact of the naming require due diligence including a background check
    • Criteria may be reconsidered, added to, or minimized based on the facility/space, etc., or each individual department, board, commission, etc.
  • This is a living project and we look forward to learning and growing our process and guidelines with this community as suggestions and nominations are made.

Unveiling Our Stories

Celebrating the voices, perspectives, and experiences that make up the rich and dynamic story of this City we call home.