RecTrac Bill Paying for Childcare

Information and questions related to childhood development programs and fees.

Childhood Development Program Contact Information

(505) 767-6500

Pay Childhood Development Weekly Program Fees

Follow these steps to pay your weekly fees:

  • Select the center which your child(ren) is enrolled
  • Select the + next to the week or weeks you would like to pay for
  • Add to cart
  • Sign in to account (if not already logged in)
  • Select the child you are paying for
  • Proceed to checkout and complete transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to pay my bill?

To pay your bill, head to to locate your program

How do I pay my weekly fees?

To pay your weekly fees, check out our guides:

Paper Step By Step


Additionally, you can follow these steps in a quick overview:

  1. Head to
  2. Scroll to find and select the Childhood Development Fees button (image of parent and children with blocks)
  3. Scroll to find and select the program or school your child(ren) is enrolled in
  4. Select the + next to the week you are paying for
  5. Select Add to Cart at the bottom, in the green banner
  6. Sign in, if prompted or you aren't already
  7. Select the student(s) you are paying the weekly fee(s) for, scroll to bottom and select Continue
  8. Click Continue through any conflicts
  9. You are now in your shopping cart, you can now Proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping, if you have more fees to include
  10. Fill out all necessary payment information and finish the transaction
  11. You will receive an email receipt

Can I pay for part of my weekly fee?

You can pay your fees either one week at a time or in advance. Weekly fees, however, must be paid in full. No partial week payments will be accepted.

Can I add a credit to my account like before?

Any credits added to accounts will no longer "automatically" apply to your fees. You will need to go into your account and use that credit towards the weekly fees as normal.

I don't see where my current balance is, how can I find out what I've paid for?

To find any past payments, check out your history. You may be asked to login if you aren't already.

I'm having trouble with my account, who can I contact?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Childhood Development main office at (505) 767-6500 or email support.

For additional support, check out our RecTrac FAQ page for more information.

Childhood Development Program Information

The Division of Child and Family Development Services is committed to supporting families working towards self-sufficiency and raising a generation of healthy and self-realized children as a basic foundation for economic development.

The City of Albuquerque Child Development Centers promote school readiness by enhancing children's cognitive, social, and emotional development in a safe and age-appropriate learning environment.

Our child development programs are a collaborative effort of federal, state and City funding to provide quality care and education for children from birth to 5-years-old.

More Information and Enrollment Information